Translation of conversations activity souvenirs from German to English


Translation of conversations activity souvenirs from German to EnglishTranslation of conversations activity souvenirs from German to EnglishTranslation of conversations activity souvenirs from German to English

Please note that the names are different in each language.

Words and Phrases

Sound Speaker German SoundAmerican English
soundIch denke, wir müssen ein schönes Geschänk für deine Mutter kaufen.soundI think we should buy a nice gift for your mother.
soundDas ist sehr nett von ihrer Seite , während unserer Reise, sich um die Kinder zu kümmern.soundIt is very nice of her to take care of the children while we are on vacation.
soundJa, wir müssen ihr und den Kindern einige Souvenirs kaufen.soundYes, we should buy her and the kids some souvenirs.
soundWelche Ideen hast du?soundDo you have any ideas?
soundGefällt dir dieses Bild?soundDo you like this painting?
soundPasst es zum Dekor in ihrer Wohnung?soundDoes it go with the decor in her apartment?
soundJa, es ist schön.soundYes, it is beautiful.
soundEntschuldigung, was kostet dieses Bild?soundExcuse me, how much does this painting cost?
soundDas Bild kostet 60 Euro.soundThat painting costs $60.
soundWunderbar. Wir möchten auch Geschänke für die Kinder kaufen.soundGreat. We would also like to buy some gifts for the kids.
soundMöchten Sie Ihnen einige Spielsachen angucken?soundWould you like me to show you some toys?
soundIch denke, Julia gefällt diese Kette aus Muscheln.soundI think Cindy will like this shell necklace.
soundJa. Und wir können dieses Schiffmodell für Maximilian nehmen.soundYes. And we can get Paul this model of a ship.
soundWas kostet alles zusammen?soundHow much is this all together?
soundEs ist 60 Euro für das Bild, 15 für die Kette und 35 für das Schiff.soundThat is $60 for the painting, $6 for the shell necklace, and $11 for the ship.
soundAlles zusammen macht 110 Euro.soundThe total is $77.
soundDas sind 150 Euro.soundHere is $80.
soundDanke. Ihr Rückgeld.soundThank you. Your change is $3.
soundDanke.soundThank you.
soundBitte, alles Gute.soundYou are welcome. Enjoy the rest of your stay.


Sound PictureGerman American English
sounda necklacedie Kettesounda necklace
sounda picturedas Bildsounda picture
soundsome moneydas Geldsoundsome money
soundthe cash registerdie Registrierkassesoundthe cash register
sounda boatder Dampfersounda boat
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