Translation of conversations activity why from Arabic to English


Translation of conversations activity why from Arabic to EnglishTranslation of conversations activity why from Arabic to EnglishTranslation of conversations activity why from Arabic to English

Please note that the names are different in each language.

Words and Phrases

Sound Speaker Arabic TransliterationSoundAmerican English
soundOmبتعملى إيه يا ماما؟betaa-melee eh ya mama?soundWhat are you doing mommy?
soundOmباجهّز شنطة سفرىsoundI'm packing the suitcase.
soundOmأنا و باباكى مسافرين أجازةana wa baba-ky mesaf-reen aga-zahsoundYour father and I are going on a vacation.
soundOmمسافرين فين؟mesaf-reen fain?soundWhere are you going?
soundOmمسافرين الأسكندريةmesaf-reen el-es-kan-da-riah, lel-sha-ttaasoundWe are going to Florida, to the beach.
soundOmأى شاطئ؟aye sha-ttaa?soundWhich beach?
soundOmشاطئ العجمىsha-ttaa el-aga-meesoundThe beach at Sanibel Island.
soundOmهتسافروا إمتى؟hat-saf-roo emta?soundWhen are you leaving?
soundOmهنسافر يوم السبتhan-safer youm el-sabtsoundWe are leaving Saturday.
soundOmهتسافروا إزاى؟ha-tsafro ezaye?soundHow are you going?
soundOmبالطيارةbel-tay-ya-rrahsoundWe are flying.
soundOmهتسافروا كام يوم؟ha-tsaf-roo kam youm?soundHow long will you be there?
soundOmهنسافر لمدة إسبوعhan-sa-fer le-mod-det es-boaasoundWe will be gone for one week.
soundOmمين اللى هيقعد معانا؟mean elly ha-yoa-add ma-anasoundWho is going to take care of us?
soundOmجدتك هتيجى يوم الجمعةgede-tek ha-tegee youm el-gom-aasoundYour grandmother is coming Friday.
soundOmحضرتك ليه محتاجة أجازة يا ماما؟soundWhy do you need a vacation, Mommy?
soundOmحضرتك بتلعبى معانا طول اليومsoundYou play with us all day.


Sound PictureArabic American English
soundthe fatherالأبsoundthe father
soundthe daughterالابنةsoundthe daughter
soundthe grandmotherالجدةsoundthe grandmother
sounda bedالسريرsounda bed
sounda suitcaseشنطة السفرsounda suitcase
soundthe beachالشاطئsoundthe beach
sounda dresserالدولابsounda dresser
soundthe floorالأرضيةsoundthe floor
sounda calendarالنتيجةsounda calendar
soundthe motherالأمsoundthe mother
soundan airplaneالطيارةsoundan airplane
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