Teacher: learning disabled

    You have some great activities and I particularly like the sound and visuals. We teach French, Spanish and ASL to college students with learning disabilities. The multi-modal aspects are very important, especially for students who may not process text only so well.

    Janie L. Duncan
    Associate Professor
    Chair, World Languages Department
    Landmark College

    Teacher: songs

    I am reflecting on last year's free-hello-world-time day and will try to articulate why I found it so successful and productive.

    Previously I had always directed the children to activities to reinforce the day's learning topic; but this time, I just stepped back and let them explore. 

    I was surprised and pleased to see their delight in making their own discoveries on the website and their enthusiasm in sharing those discoveries with their friends. 

    I was particularly surprised how much they enjoyed the songs.  We sing a lot in class already, so I had never directed them to that part of your web site, but they found it, loved it and shared it.  This year we will do free hello-world time more often!  Discovery is a great way to learn.


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