Help stay free


Help stay free

    Help us expand and grow. We can use your help in several ways:

    Volunteers: We need native speakers to translate and record their voices. To maintain high quality, our translators must have attended some college in their native country.

    Singers:  Hello-world is always adding new songs. If you would like to contribute a children's song in your native language, please send an email to with a good quality recording (voice only please) along with the words in your language and the English translation. (We can help with the English.) Please put "song" as the subject of the email.  Please do not send songs that are copyrighted.  If your song is accepted, we will add illustrations and post it with your name.

    Proof reading: If you find errors on our website, please let us know. Include the URL of the page (  where the error is found and the nature of the error.

    Ideas and Suggestions: We welcome your ideas and suggestions. Please let us know what you would like to see added, or share worksheets and classroom activities with us. If you are a teacher, tell us how you use hello-world in your classroom.

    Help us defray our costs by giving money:  Can you give $10? $100? More? Any donation would be most greatly appreciated. Please let us know what language you are interested in; your gift will help us expand the activities you care most about. Mail checks to:
    PO Box 2830
    Silver Spring MD, 20902
    United States

    Contributions to  are not tax exempt.

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