Recording your voice in Windows


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Recording your voice in Windows

Recording your own voice is a great way to improve your pronunciation.
After listening to a sound, press to repeat the sound. Then open the sound recording program on your computer and record your own voice.
Record and listen to your voice and listen to the native speakers until you are happy with your pronunciation.

Recording in WINDOWS:

  • Go to Start/Programs/Accessories/Entertainment and select Sound Recorder.
  • Click on the Red button to record, then talk into the microphone.
  • If it is recording, you will see bumps in the green line.
  • Click the square button to stop recording.
  • Click the single arrow to play back what you recorded.

If you get a lot of shhh sound, hold the mic a bit farther away from your mouth, or slightly to the side.

  • If you are unable to record, you may need to select the microphone you are using as the input device.
    Go to Start/Settings/Control Panel/Multimedia/Audio and choose the microphone you are using as the preferred device for recording.
  • Click on the box below which says "Use only preferred devices."
  • Go back and retry recording with Sound Recorder.

Recording in Macintosh:

  • Click on the APPLE ICON for your drop down menu to open.
  • Select SOUND
  • Click on INPUT tab
  • Select EXTERNAL MIC or KC USB Audio
  • Click on the CHECK SIGNAL LEVEL box and increase the GAIN slider bar to one notch past the mid way point.

NOTE: If, after you listen to your recording, your voice seems too low or too loud, this is the place to come back to, to adjust the voice input volume for the microphone.

  • Click ALERTS tab
  • Adjust MAIN VOLUME CONTROL at the bottom.
  • Set the slider at the midway point. (This adjusts the volume for your speakers).
  • Make sure the Mute is not checked.

Ignore the Alerts Volume control- this just controls the volume of sound effects.

Look at the microphone on your headset to make sure the white dot or the word TALK (near the cushion) is facing your mouth. If you get a lot of shhh sound, hold the mic a bit futher away from your mouth, or slightly to the side.

  • Click the NEW SOUND BUTTON (to the right)
  • The “Record New Sound” Box will pop up on your screen
  • Click on the RECORD button
  • Talk into the microphone
  • Click on the STOP button
  • Click on the PLAY button to listen to your recording.

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