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Words at Hello-World

    Words at Hello-World

    Most of the languages at Hello-World have about 3000 words and 5000 sentences and phrases

    Hello-World.com has over 3000 words in its dictionary. Native speakers pronounce each word and there is a picture to accompany it.

    The words are broken into about 80 groups of topics such as farm animals, ocean animals, weather, vegetables, clothes, vehicles, rooms of the house, beverages, and many more.

    We have puzzles, memory games, tic-tac-toe, bingo and a balloon game to make learning the vocabulary words fun.

    In additions, hello-world has about 5000 sentences and phrases that native speakers translated and recorded. These sentences are in the conversations, (dialogs), matching games, "which one doesn't belong", "funny face", and other games that are designed especially for children to make learning fun.

    Explore the dictionary in any of these languages:

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