The lessons at Hello-World


The lessons at Hello-World

    The lessons at Hello-World cover all of the concepts that children usually study

    Most of the activities can be done in any order.  Children don't always learn things in the same order.  They often come back to favorite activities many times. Before a visit to the zoo parents and teachers can play some of the vocabulary games to learn African animals. If there is construction going on, it is a good opportunity to  learn the names of the vehicles you see.
    However, there are some lessons about important concepts:  

    • Greetings:  Learn to say hello and introduce yourself.
    • The alphabet: Say the alphabet, match upper and lower case letters, play connect the dots.
    • Numbers and counting:  Learn to count, connect the dots, skip counting and weighing boxes.
    • The family: learn the words for grandmother, aunt, uncle, cousin, mother, father, etc.
    • School: meeting the teachers, learning some of the common phrases and directions such as "open your book", and answering questions are covered in this lesson.
    • Colors: Hear the names of the colors and change the color of many objects.
    • Clothes: clothes, shoes, outer wear, jewelry and personal items are included in this lesson;
    • People and their names: The words for I, you, he, she, me, his, hers, them are all included.
    • Directions: Help the mouse find the cheese and more.
    • Food: Fruits, vegetables, snacks, meats and a special "What does the man eat" game;
    • Time:  You can hear every minute of the day in this lesson.
    • The calendar: The calendar activity lets you select any month, day, and learn the seasons, days of the week as well as today, yesterday and tomorrow. Holidays are also included in this lesson.
    • Weather: You control the weather, make it rain or snow. Learn words for talking about the weather.
    • Household: Everyday items in the home are included in this lesson.
    • Animals: Farm animals, ocean animals, African animals, birds, and insects are all here.
    • Countries and maps: Learn the continents and countries of the world.
    • Health: This lesson includes brushing your teeth, putting a bandage on a cut and more.
    • Shopping: Several dialogs are about shopping as well as counting money are here.
    • Travel: All the ways to travel, checking into a hotel or pension and asking directions are included.

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