Language learning activities at Hello-World


Language learning activities at Hello-World

Hello-World has a wide variety of language learning activities designed especially for children and the way children learn.

arrangeArrange:Drag the pictures in to place. From biggest to smallest; Oldest to youngest, children learn to compare things.

balloonBalloon Games: The balloon game introduces vocabulary words one at a time.

bingoBingo:  Choose one of the 80 vocabulary categories and click the picture that matches the sound. Get Bingo with 5 in a row.

childrenChildren: These activities are especially for the youngest children: 2 to 4

dialogs(Conversations Dialogs): There are about 60 different dialogs. The animated speakers talk about topics like homework, lessons, greetings, and everyday life for a child.

dictionaryThe Dictionary: Our talking picture dictionary has thousands of words.

lessonsLessons: Topics that have many different activites are grouped as lessons.

learnLearn main concepts: The alphabet, counting, directions, the calendar, telling time, and weather are all included.

logicLogic puzzles: Children listen to the clues to solve the puzzles.

mapsMaps: Maps of the world show countries, the people, the capital, the flag, and the language spoken.

matchingMatching: Children must match animals to what they eat, clothes to parts of the body, food and where it comes from, and more.

memoryMemory:  You can select a vocabulary topic, one or two players and level of difficulty. Uncover two cards to see a picture and hear the word.

move-mouseMove the mouse: Teaches children to move the mouse. Especially for ages 2 to 3.

nounsNouns and pronouns: This section includes the words for I, you, he, she, it as well as the reflexive pronouns: myself, yourself, etc.

puzzlesPuzzles: Each puzzle piece is a word. Number of pieces ranges from  4 to 10. For ages 3 and up.

scienceScience: Children learn about the solar system and a few other topics. These lessons teach the words and phrase in the new language they are learning.

songsSongs: The songs vary from language to language.  Even babies can enjoy these animated songs.

spellingSpelling: The spelling games show a picture and spell the word one letter at a time. Then the letters are scrambled and they have to drag them into place.

tic-tac-toeTic-tac-toe: One or two players can play the tic-tac-toe games. You have to know the vocabulary to get tic-tac-toe.

verbsVerbs: Native speakers have translated and recorded hundreds of verbs.

Words: Native speakers have translated and recorded thousands of words.

What language do you want to learn?

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