The Children's games at Hello-World


The Children's games at Hello-World

    All of the activities at Hello-World are for children, these are especially for the youngest learners

    Hello-World has a number of activities designed for the youngest language learners.

    The move-the -mouse games help children learn to control the mouse on a PC. The child moves the mouse to reveal the picture.

    Connect-the-dots: This game appears in most workbooks for children. At hello-world you can choose numbers or the alphabet. The alphabet can be either upper or lower case.

    "Which one doesn't belong" :  This game helps children learn about categories. It may show an apple, a banana, an orange and a car.  The child can hear each of the words. If he selects the wrong answer, he will hear "Which one is NOT a fruit?" When he selects the right answer, it will say, "Three are fruits. One is a vehicle."

    Clowns: Which one is different? The child is presented with  three pictures and asked "Which one is different?" When he selects the correct answer he will hear sentences such as "One clown has a flower in his hat. The other two don't" or "One house doesn't have a chimney. The other two have chimneys." or "One girl has curly hair. The other two have straight hair."

    Counting: We have a number of counting activities. In one you click the arrow to see the numbers and ducks appear. We also have a hidden object game for each season. The child must find 12 kites, snowmen, pumpkins or leaves.

    Dress-up: Children can choose different pants, blouses, skirts, and shoes. They can also choose colors and designs like stripes, dots, or solid colors.

    Funny face: Very young children can enjoy selecting a hat, a nose, mouth and shape and color for the face.

    Opposites: How many opposites can you find? Click on the door to see and hear open and close. Click on the bear to see and hear big and little. Learn the opposites awake and asleep, day and night, inside and outside, stop and go, fast and slow, on and off, up and down.

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