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How to play: When the game starts you will be shown a sequence of 5 pictures one at a time. Figure out the pattern and click the button with the picture that should come next. After you get the right answer, click the arrow button to play again with a new pattern and set of pictures.

What is learned:  The child will learn the vocabulary for the pictures in the category. This activity encourages the child to think logically and look for patterns.

Getting the most out of the activity: Say the words that you hear. Say the name of the next picture in the sequence. Play until you see some of the same pictures that you saw in the first game.

Group activities: Make up your own sequence and let each child add another item to the pattern. The computer game uses only 6 pictures, but you can keep going until every child has a turn. Let children make up their own sequence and have other children guess the next picture. Try to use various objects, not just the ones from the computer game.

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