Vietnamese Move-the-Mouse


Vietnamese Move-the-MouseVietnamese Move-the-MouseVietnamese Move-the-Mouse

How to play: Move the mouse inside the frame to reveal the hidden picture. If the cursor becomes a hand, click to hear the name of the animal. When you have found all of the animals, a big green arrow appears to let you start over.

What is learned:  When preschool children first try to use a mouse, they tend to move it too far and too fast. This activity helps them to see the relationship between their hand movements and the picture on the computer. They will also hear the names of a few animals.

Getting the most out of the activity: Students who are new computer users can learn to control the cursor. When they first try to click there is a tendency to move the mouse at the same time. Most of the animals are fairly large and a few are small to give them practice holding the mouse still while they click. (Some children will do this with two hands, one to hold the mouse and the other to click. Don't worry, they will eventually learn to control the mouse and click with one hand.)

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