Hindi Hindi Hindi

How to play: Select either one person or two people, then click one of the buttons to start the game. The more arrows on the button, the more cards in the game. A player can click on two "cards" to reveal the picture. The object is to find two pictures that match. In a two player game, the player gets a point when he finds a matching pair. With one player, the object is to clear the board of all cards.

What is learned:  This activity helps the student learn vocabulary. This does not require that the student know the vocabulary beforehand, so it is a good game for hearing the words for the first time and getting used to the sounds of the language.

Getting the most out of the activity: Repeat the word that you hear.

Group activities: Find pictures in magazines and glue them to cards. Make two of each card. Give each student a card and have them find their partner. Use the cards to play the memory game.

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