English Logic Puzzles


English Logic PuzzlesEnglish Logic Puzzles

How to play: Click any of the pictures to hear the word. Click the green arrow to listen to each clue. Drag each of the pictures on the top to the correct square on the bottom. When you have placed all of the items, click the red check mark to see if you are right. When you finish you can click on each picture to hear a full description of each picture. Click the small red arrow to play again.

What is learned:  The child have to understand each clue in order to solve the puzzle. This activity encourages the child to think logically.

Getting the most out of the activity: Say the words that you hear. After playing once, try to say the sentences before you drag them into place.

Group activities: Let children make up a puzzle by drawing or pasting different objects together. Don't show anyone the picture, then give the other students clues based on the picture.

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