Greek Index to the main concepts in Greek


Greek Index to the main concepts in GreekGreek Index to the main concepts in GreekGreek Index to the main concepts in Greek

How to play: Click the green arrow to move from one event of the day to the next. You can also select any time (using the red + and - buttons) to hear it pronounced and to see what the father does at that time of day. Click the top yellow button to hear the time. Click the second yellow button to hear the activity. This activity starts by telling the current time. Please make sure that the clock on your computer is correct so that the time will be correct.

What is learned: The students learn to tell time. The can also learn the sentences for what the man does at different times of the day. Click on the picture anywhere you see the hand to learn additional vocabulary.

Getting the most out of the activity: The first time you do this activity, you might want to stick to just the hours, then add the minutes as the student learns to tell time.

Group activities: Print out the clock on heavy paper for each student. Cut out the hands and attach them to the clock with a paper fastener or a piece of pipe cleaner. Turn the computer so that the students can't see the screen. Select a time to hear it pronounced, then ask the students to position the hands on their clock to match the time that is spoken. If the students can do this activity, then show them a clock and let them tell what time it shows. Start with just hours, then add minutes.

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