French Index to the main concepts in French


French Index to the main concepts in FrenchFrench Index to the main concepts in FrenchFrench Index to the main concepts in French

How to play: Select one of the lists of words. Each list of words has words with a similar sound. Click on each word to hear the sound. When you have listened to each word, click the green arrow to start the game. As each word is spoken click the word that you hear. If you make a mistake you will hear the "uh-oh" sound and see a sad face. Try again.

What is learned:  This activity helps the student become familiar with the sounds of the letters. This is especially useful for begriming readers, or students who are learning a language with a different alphabet than the one in their first language. (This is not a vocabulary drill: no pictures accompany the words. The student must rely on listening to get the correct answer.)

Getting the most out of the activity: Repeat the sounds as you click each word. Try each list of words.

Group activities: Divide the children into teams. Write the list of words on the board. Each team has to write each word on a separate piece of paper in big letters. (Each child on a team can write one of the words.) Say the words randomly. The first team to hold up the correct answer gets a point. After one team wins, make new teams, or play again with a different set of words. You make make sure that the teams have different players by dividing them up by different categories. Everyone who has a red shirt, people whose name starts with "L", etc.

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