Greek Index to the main concepts in Greek


Greek Index to the main concepts in GreekGreek Index to the main concepts in GreekGreek Index to the main concepts in Greek

How to play: Click on each ball at the bottom to review the alphabet. When you are ready, click the big green arrow to start the game. Each letter of a word is pronounced, one at a time. Click the letter you hear to bounce the ball and reveal part of the picture. When the word is complete, the whole picture will be revealed and the word pronounced. Click the red button to repeat the letter or the word. (The rabbit giggles if a ball hits him, but you can't do anything to make the ball hit him.)

What is learned:  This activity helps the student learn the alphabet by spelling a word. This is especially useful for beginning readers, or students who are learning a language with a different alphabet than the one in their first language.

Getting the most out of the activity: Repeat the sounds as you click each word. Try to guess what the picture is, using the part that is revealed and the letters as clues.

Group activities: Spell a word for something in the room. Children can copy the letters on paper and try to guess what object you are spelling. The first one to guess wins and gets to pick a word to spell.

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