Greek Index to the main concepts in Greek


Greek Index to the main concepts in GreekGreek Index to the main concepts in GreekGreek Index to the main concepts in Greek

How to play: Select a color by clicking on one of the color buttons, then click on one of the pictures to change the color.

What is learned: Most language have a masculine and feminine form. Words are also singular or plural. The form of the color must match the word. Also, pay attention to the word order. It may not be the same as your native language.

Getting the most out of the activity: Start by clicking each color button to learn the colors. Next make each picture the same color. Notice the change in the way the word is spelled and pronounced. Repeat each word or phrase that you hear. After you have tried all of the colors, try to say the words before you click.

Group activities: Beforehand, color the pictures white and print two or three copies of the page for each student. Place the computer so that the students can't see it, then select a color. Each child should pick up the crayon that matches the color selected. Next, click a picture. The children can use crayons to color the picture the same color that they hear. Let the children take turns selecting colors to click.

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