Greek Index to the main concepts in Greek


Greek Index to the main concepts in GreekGreek Index to the main concepts in GreekGreek Index to the main concepts in Greek

How to play: Please make sure that the clock on your computer is set to the correct time. This is important because the current date will be selected and it will say "Today is Tuesday". There are also buttons for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, yesterday, and the day before yesterday. If there is a picture for a date it represents a holiday. When you click the grid on the calendar it will say the date and the picture will appear in the top left corner. Click that picture to hear the name of the holiday.

Start with one thing at a time. Click the days of the week along the top. Click each day of the month to hear the date.

What is learned: The days, months, seasons and how to say the date. In addition many holidays are shown to help the child understand a little about the culture.

Getting the most out of the activity: Click each of the pictures, and explore the dates. Look up what day Valentine's day is, or ask the child to find his birthday.
Repeat the sentences that you hear.

Group activities: After doing the activity, let the child make a calendar page for the current month (or print out the page) and write the important dates for his family on the calendar. Talk about holidays. Find an upcoming holiday and read more about it. Make decorations for the holiday.

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