German Children's activities


German Children's activitiesGerman Children's activitiesGerman Children's activities

How to play: Move the mouse around the picture. When the cursor becomes a hand, click the picture. The picture will change to the opposite. Click again to change it back. The red X's at the bottom represent opposites on the page. As you find the opposites, the red X's will be replaced with a small picture. When you have found all of the opposites, all of the red X's will have been replaced with pictures.

What is learned:  This activity introduces some common words such as open and closed, up and down, on and off, etc.

Getting the most out of the activity: After you have found all of the opposites, go through again to see if you can say the words before you click.
Repeat the sentences that you hear. Make sure you try each item.

Group activities: After doing the activity, the teacher can open and shut the door, or turn the light on and off, hold a picture up high or down low. The children can say if the door is open or shut, etc. to describe what the teacher is demonstrating.

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