Bulgarian Children's activities


Bulgarian Children's activitiesBulgarian Children's activitiesBulgarian Children's activities

How to play:
  • Click a color button, then click one of the articles of clothing to change the color.
  • Click the blouseblouse button to change the style of the blouse.
  • Click the pants pants button to change from pants, shorts, or a skirt.
  • Click the shoeshoes button to change the type of shoes.
  • Click the red button with stripesdecoration to change the decoration on the blouse.
  • Click a color button, then click the blue button with stripescolor of decoration to change the color of the decoration.
  • You can drag the bows and the flowers wherever you want: in the hair, on the shirt, on the shoes, etc.

    What is learned:  This activity gives practice with the position and use of adjectives. Notice the word order and the feminine and masculine forms of the adjectives.

    Getting the most out of the activity: Learn all of the colors. Click each color button and say the words. Then try to say the word before you click the button.
    Repeat the sentences that you hear. Make sure you try each item.

    Group activities: After doing the activity, point to articles of clothing and have the students describe the items. One can ask the question, the other gives the answer. Take turns. Go around in a circle, each person has to name something that he is wearing.
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