German Children's activities


German Children's activitiesGerman Children's activitiesGerman Children's activities

How to play: Click the big green arrow to show the ducks one at a time. (There are 10 ducks.) Click the small green button to start over.

What is learned:  The child will learn to count to 10. When preschool children first learn to count, they may not realize that the numbers represent a quantity. This activity helps them to understand that numbers represent a quantity.

Getting the most out of the activity: Count along with the computer. Wait until the arrow is clicked to say the next number instead of just saying all of the numbers.

Group activities: Count various objects in the room. How many windows? How many doors? How many pencils? Point to each item as you say the numbers. Hold up a few crayons or other objects and have the children tell you how many they see.

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