French Children's activities


French Children's activitiesFrench Children's activitiesFrench Children's activities

How to play: Select either numbers or letters, upper case or lower case (depending on the language.) When the dots appear click them in sequence. As you click each dot you will hear the word and part of the picture is revealed. When you click the last dot you will see the whole picture and hear the name of the object. At this point you can color the picture by clicking the color buttons that appear. You can do a new picture by clicking either the numbers or the letters again.

What is learned:  This activity helps the student learn the alphabet or the numbers in sequence. The names of the objects and the colors are also reviewed.

Getting the most out of the activity: Say the alphabet or the numbers as you click the dot. Say the names of the colors as you click them.

Group activities: The first person says the first letter or number, go around in a circle with each student saying the next letter or number. Point to a printed letter or number and ask each person to say the word. Write the numbers or letters on cards. Give each student a card and have the students arrange themselves in order. If there is just one student let him arrange the cards in order.

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