English Children's activities


English Children's activitiesEnglish Children's activitiesEnglish Children's activities

How to play: Each problem set has 3 pictures. Click the button above the picture that is different. You may have to look closely, it could be that one has something missing, part of the picture is a different color, or is facing a different direction. After you make the selection, the part that is different will flash while the difference is explained. You can also click on parts of the picture to learn the words.

What is learned:  This activity is found in many activity books to help the student to focus on the details in a picture. The student can do this activity without knowing the language, so it is a good activity to help children get used to the sound of the language and start to learn some words.

Getting the most out of the activity: Click on the part of the picture that is different to learn the vocabulary. Try to say the words that you hear. Repeat the sentences that you hear.

Group activities: After doing the activity, review the vocabulary by showing pictures and asking "which house has a chimney", "which girl is wearing a ribbon," etc. Let each student make up a problem using pictures from magazines and paste them on a page. They should learn the names and categories on their page so that they can ask the rest of the class to solve the problem and be able to tell the others the names of the items the same way the computer does.

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