English Children's activities


English Children's activitiesEnglish Children's activitiesEnglish Children's activities

How to play: There are 12 hidden apples on the tree. Move the mouse and click wherever the cursor becomes a hand. After you find all 12 apples, the apples will bounce. Press the red button to play again.

What is learned:  This activity helps the student learn to count. They learn that the numbers have a meaning, i.e. the number of objects. The student can do this activity without knowing the language, so it is a good activity to help children get used to the numbers.

Getting the most out of the activity: Count along with the activity. Then try to say the word before you click the button.
Repeat the numbers that you hear.

Group activities:After doing the activity, count other items, pencils, books, or any other items that are in the room. For a group, each student can say the next number. Students can also count themselves to tell how many students are in the class.

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