Hindi Hindi Hindi

How to play: When the game starts a balloon will appear with a picture and the word will be pronounced. Click the bouncing balloon as many times as you can to get points. After the balloon bounces off the page, another balloon will appear with a new word. There will now be two balloons and the vocabulary will be reviewed. Each time you hear a word, click on the matching picture. Five to six words will be introduced in this way.

What is learned:  This activity introduces a group of words one at a time. The students will learn the vocabulary in the game.

Getting the most out of the activity: Repeat the words that you hear. Think about each word and picture as you say it.

Group activities: Print out pictures of 5 or 6 words (use the picture dictionary) and tape them to a ball. Toss the ball around. Each student must say the word that is facing up when he catches the ball. Repeat until each student has caught the ball a few times.

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