More than 600 FREE German games and activities


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More than 600 FREE German games and activities

Children's games

Funny face Mister Vegetable Head Dress-Up How many opposites can you find? Which one doesn't belong?
Which one is different? Connect Alphabet Counting Connect Numbers Count the Apples
Count the Ornaments Count the Snowmen German activity: Count the Kites Count the Hearts Count the turkeys
Count the pumpkins Skip Count


Hello Hello and Goodbye Greetings! Friends On the Job
In the University The Principal The Professor Neighborhood The Teacher:
A New Teacher The Client A Friend's Visit The Boyfriend Attendance
How are you? A New Student The Dog Let's Talk Later This bag is heavy
Playing a Boardgame Cookies An apple or an Orange An apple Company is Coming for Dinner
Me and My Family The Mother The Grandmother The Grandfather My grandchild is Lost
I like music! I live in the suburbs When is dinner? The Father My Life Now
My Life as a Student The Nephew I'm Sleepy A Headache Telephones
On the Corner Where is the dentist? Buying a Sweater Water! Water! Souvenirs
A New Dress A Taxi Why? Packing At the Hotel
The Pension A summer house

Main concepts


Dornröschen Alle meine Entchen Häschen in der Grube Kuckuck Ein Vogel wollte Hochzeit machen
Kommt ein Vogel Komm, lieber Mai Im Märzen Winter, der ist da! Rodellied: Wir wollen rodeln gehn!
Guten Abend Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit Heidenröslein Hänschen klein Hänsel und Gretel
Heidenröslein Dies ist der Daumen Bruder Jakob Backe, backe Kuchen Dies ist der Daumen
Handwerker Hänschen klein Hänsel und Gretel die kleine Hex Mein Hut, der hat drei Ecken
Bruder Jakob Backe, backe Kuchen Handwerker Hoppe, hoppe, Reiter Mein Hut, der hat drei Ecken
die kleine Hex

Nouns and pronouns



Logic Puzzles

Move the Mouse

Balloon Games


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