More than 600 FREE Bulgarian games and activities


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More than 600 FREE Bulgarian games and activities

Children's activities

Funny face Mister Vegetable Head Dress-Up How many opposites can you find? Which one doesn't belong?
Which one is different? Connect Alphabet Counting Connect Numbers Count the Apples
Count the Ornaments Count the Snowmen Bulgarian activity: Count the Kites Count the Hearts Count the turkeys
Count the pumpkins Skip Count


Hello and Goodbye Greetings! Friends On the Job In the University
The Principal The Professor My Name Neighborhood A New Teacher
The Client A Friend's Visit The Boyfriend Attendance How are you?
A New Student A math lesson The Dog Would you like to sit with us? Would you like to see a movie?
Let's Talk Later This bag is heavy Playing a Boardgame Do you know the number? Cookies
An apple or an Orange An apple Coffee Company is Coming for Dinner Me and My Family
The Mother The Grandmother The Grandfather My grandchild is Lost I like music!
I live in the suburbs When is dinner? The Father My Life Now My Life as a Student
The Nephew I have a stomach ache I'm Sleepy A Headache Telephones
What is your phone number? Where is my backpack? On the Corner Where is the dentist? Where is a public telephone?
Buying a Sweater Water! Water! Souvenirs A New Dress A Taxi
Why? Packing At the Hotel The Pension A summer house
What is that animal?

Index to the main concepts in Bulgarian

Learn the letters of the alphabet in Bulgarian Learn the Bulgarian numbers The Bulgarian calendar: learn months, days, dates, and seasons Learn to tell time in Bulgarian Bulgarian: Weigh the Box using scale and weights
Bulgarian: Help the mouse find the cheese. Learn left, right, and other directions The Bird and the Basket illustrate prepositions Learn the Colors in Bulgarian Bulgarian: learn colors and clothes Learn words for talking about the weather
Describe a person in Bulgarian: short, tall, old, and hair color are included Learn the Bulgarian words for members of the family


Часовник Хей ръчички, хей ги две Ние сме войници Зеленчуци, който не яде


Big and Small Long and Short Tall and Short Thick and Thin Wide and Narrow
Fast and Slow Old and Young Days of the Week Months




Logic Puzzles

Girls and Hats Horses in Barns

Move the Mouse

African animals Farm animals Forest animals Ocean animals Pets
Small animals Thanksgiving

Balloon Games


Matching Game

Matching Alphabet Continents Winter Clothes Feed the Animals Where does food come from?
Matching the Numbers The Senses Presents Vehicles Matching Weather




Shapes Face Colors Numbers Fruit
Bathroom A table Bedroom living room Office
African animals Farm animals Forest animals Ocean Puzzle Pets
Small animals Boys Family Girl Fantasy
The Seasons Thanksgiving Continents




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