Guarani: Which one doesn't belong?


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Three of the pictures go together, one picture doesn't belong.Guarani: Which one doesn't belong?

Three of the pictures go together, one picture doesn't belong.

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    Words and Phrases

    Sound Picture Guarani English
    Ma'a nahaei yvyra?Which one is not a bird?
    Mbohapy ha'e mymba para guasuThree are ocean animals.
    Mbohapy hae apohaThree are tools.
    Ma'a naperteneceiri?Which one doesn't belong?
    Ma'a nahaei mymba michi?Which one is not a little animal?
    Mbohapy ha'e mymba michiThree are little animals.
    Petei ha'e ogaoka mymbaOne is a farm animal.
    Petei ha'e moñe'êhaguaOne is something to read.
    Mbohapy ha'e ja taityhaguaThree are for writing.
    Mbohapy ha'e ógayvateThree are buildings.
    Petei ha'e verduraOne is a vegetable.
    Mbohapy hae yvá?Three are fruits.
    Petei ha'e yvyraOne is a bird.
    Ma'a nahaei petei mymba para guasuWhich one is not an ocean animal?
    Petei ha'e mymba michiOne is a little animal.
    Mbohapy ha'e moñe'êhaguaThree are things to read.
    Petei ha'e jey’urãhaguaOne is something to drink.
    Petei ha'e ógayvateOne is a building.
    Ma'a nahae'i ogaoka mymbaWhich one is not a farm animal?
    Petei ha'e tapichaOne is a person.
    Petei ha'e mymba AfricanoOne is an African animal.
    Mbohapy ha'e ogaoka mymbaThree are farm animals.
    Ma'a nahaei ao?Which one is not clothing?
    Mbohapy ha'e aoThree are clothing.
    Mbohapy ha'e jey’urãhaguaThree are things to drink.
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